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ACSF Learning 2.01 Demonstrates some awareness of strengths and areas of need, and begins to plan and manage the learning process

2.01Demonstrates some awareness of learning strengths and areas of need, and begins to plan and manage the learning process

High level support

May work with expert/mentor

Modelling available and accessible if requested

Familiar and predictable contexts

Limited range of contexts

Simple familiar texts with clear purpose

Familiar vocabulary

Explicit task involving a limited number of familiar processes, e.g: identifying, interpreting


Goal Setting
  • Commits to specific short-term training/study goals to achieve personal goals
Designing and negotiating learning pathways
  • Identifies some formal or informal learning options relevant to needs

Self-awareness, strengths, weaknesses, ability to reflect on performance, learning style
  • Identifies some personal strengths as a learner and areas of need
  • Demonstrates awareness of preferred learning style

Dispositions, active engagement in learning and degree of resilience
  • Demonstrates some persistence in approach to learning
  • Takes some risks within a supportive environment

Constructing knowledge
  •  Begins to identify similarities/differences in learning processes across cultures, where this is personally relevant
Metacognition, designing, managing learning process
  • Begins to reflect on learning progress and modifies ineffective strategies, with assistance