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ACSF Learning 5.01 Self-directs learning, actively designing and managing learning processes appropriate to the context

5.01Self-directs learning, actively designing and managing learning processes appropriate to the context

Little or no support

Initiates suppport from own established resources

Broad range of contexts

Adaptability within and across contexts

Specialisation in one or more contexts

Highly complex texts

Highly embedded information

Includes highly specialised language

Sophisticated task analysis including interpretation, analysis, reflection, synthesis, evaluation and recommendation


Goal Setting
  • Adopts a 'big picture' perspective to the management of learning required to achieve personal and professional goals
Designing and negotiating learning pathways
  • Negotiates the nature of formal learning activities to best reflect personal and/or organisational needs
Self-awareness, strengths, weaknesses, ability to reflect on performance, learning style
  • Critically evaluates personal strengths and weaknesses as a learner, making clear judgements about capacities and limitations in a particular context and seeking assistance as required
  • Uses formal processes to routinely encourage reflective practice, e.g. establishes a formal relationship with a business/personal coach

Dispositions, active engagement in learning and degree of resilience
Constructing knowledge
  •  Understands there are different ways of constructing knowledge within knowledge disciplines and across cultures, and routinely identifies and explores underlying beliefs and assumptions as part of the learning process
Metacognition, designing, managing learning process 
  • Self-directs learning, seeking assistance as required
  • Plans sustained learning tasks using structured approaches for goal setting, prioritising, identifying milestones and timeframes
  • Actively monitors performance against goals and milestones, adjusting plans or expectations as requred, and recognising that not all learning outcomes can be defined in advance