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ACSF Learning 5.02 Draws on a broad and expanding repertoire of strategies to facilitate personal and professional learning

5.02Draws on a broad and expanding repertoire to facilitate personal and professional learning

Little or no support

Initiates support from own established resources

Broad range of contexts

Adaptability within and across contexts

Specialisation in one or more contexts

Highly conplex texts

Highly embedded information

Includes highly specialised language

Sophisticated task analysis including interpretation, analysis, reflection, synthesis, evaluation and recommendation


Strategies for designing, managing and monitoring learning
  • Employs a range of approaches to plan and manage sustained learning tasks, e.g. uses project management software, formal-action learning approach
  • Evaluates situations or processes, assembling evidence, identifying assumptions and contradictions
Finding, managing and evaluating learning resources
  • Critically evaluates resources, including ICT, with an appreciation of strengths and limitations in different contexts
  • Articulates and uses criteria to make information decisions and choices
  • Investigates benefits and applicability of different investigative methods and selects the more appropriate, e.g. laboratory experiement, simulation, fieldwork
Transferring prior knowledge and skills
  • Compares and contrasts own experience with new information and explores underlying assumptions as an integeral part of developing new understandings
  • Generalises from 1 context to another by indentifying concepts and insights
Selection and application of cognitive strategies to assist learning
  • Identifies and explores connections between concepts/facts/ideas using techniques such as flow charts, concept maps, hierarchies
  • Selects from a broad range of problem-solving and decision-making strategies, including formal lateral and analytical thinking tools to support abstraction, perception challenge, creativity
Social construction
  • Demonstrates highly developed skills in managing study groups/project teams to achieve learning outcomes