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ACSF Learning Level 1 Sample Activities


Personal (expressing identity)

  • Expresses desire to improve skills, e.g. numeracy, reading
  • Recounts a personal experience that is connected to new information or ideas being presented
  • Establishes a suitable place for independent study

Cooperative (interacting in groups)

  • Attends class/training sessions regularly and lets others know if not able to attend
  • Identifies and approaches a more experienced worker for assistance

Procedural (performing tasks)

  • Takes required materials to training/class
  • Locates TV guide in newspaper by using the index
  • Borrows a DIY DVD from the library and follows step-by-step instructions
  • Reviews word list/definitions/spelling

Technical (using tools and technology)

  • Logs on and off a computer website
  • Locates a given website with assistance
  • Begins to use email with support

Systems (interacting in organisations)

  • Keeps list of frequently used words
  • Saves notes in a labelled folder
  • Uses diary to record pay dates, training commitments, school terms/holidays

Public (interacting with the wider community)

  • Identifies formal study commitments that fall on public holidays
  • Asks for assistance to interpret immigration requirements and repeats main points to make sure has understood
  • Joins public library

To achieve this level complete the following:

  • Be honest about the skills you want to improve
  • recount a memory that new learning reminds you of
  • set up a place to study
  • attend class and call if not coming
  • ask for help from experienced people
  • take materials to class
  • locate TV guide in newspaper using index
  • follow step by step instructions on DIY DVD
  • create vocabulary list

  • log on and off website
  • locate given website
  • use email

  • update vocabulary list
  • save notes in labelled folder
  • use diary to record information

  • identify commitments that fall on public holidays
  • ask for assistance to interpret information in letters and repeat main points
  • join public library