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ACSF Oral 4.08 Applies appropriate strategies to extract main ideas from oral texts across a range of contexts


Applies appropriate strategies to extract main ideas from oral texts across a range of contexts


Minimal support, as requested

Establishing own support resources

Range of contexts including some that are unfamiliar and/or unpredictable

Some specialisation in non-routine contexts

Complex texts

Embedded information

Includes specialised vocabulary

Includes abstraction and symbolism

Complex task analysis involving application of a number of processes, e.g. extracting, comparing and interpreting information


Range and context
  • Uses knowledge of principal conventions of language to assist with constructing meaning from a range of oral text types including conversations, discussions and negotiations
Audience and purpose
  • Interprets register pertaining to particular contexts
  • Considers aspects of context, purpose and audience when comprehending oral texts
Structure and grammar
  • Understands oral texts which use complex syntactic structures
  • Follows oral texts which use modal verbs and other modification devices, abstract nouns and some nominalisation
  • Relates separate pieces of information within an oral text, rather than treating them as separate units of information
  • Reflects on underlying meaning of the communication and responds appropriately
  • Listens in order to make notes from oral texts in chosen fields of knowledge
  • Understands vocabulary specific to topic
  • Follows oral texts which include vocabulary that creates nuances of meaning
Rhythm, stress, intonation
  • Responds to cues such as change of pace and particular words which indicate a new or important point is about to be made
  • Reflects on the effectiveness of the interaction requesting clarification, and/or variation in volume and pace as necessary
  • Interprets gesture and other paralinguistic features
  • Responds to topic shifts and points of clarification, and gives non-verbal feedback