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ACSF Oral Level 3 Sample Activities


Personal(expressing identity)

  • Provides information on how own skills meet a criteria, e.g. for internal promotion or transfer, prerequisites for a training course
  • Presents narrative by telling a story to a classmate or colleague, adjusting language as appropriate to audience
  • Expresses own opinion and elicits the opinion of others in a casual conversation, e.g. discusses work conditions of previous jobs, discusses issues associated with underage drinking 

Cooperative(interacting in groups)

  • Canvasses a group of people for issues and views, e.g. to make recommendations on the quality of food in the canteen or at a truck stop, on changes to shift/roster/training times, to identify preferred activities for a social or community club
  • Participates in a small group discussion, e.g. to solve a problem or share opinion on a subject of interest to the group such as reducing waste, planning a group activity
  • Works with a partner to develop an oral presentation 

Procedural(performing tasks)

  • Expresses opinion and makes suggestion regarding a working procedure, assessment procedure
  • Questions implications of new procedures, e.g. employment conditions/ opportunities, training course requirements
  • Listens to spoken instructions and chooses appropriate action, e.g. appropriate materials for the job, how to organise course materials and work completed including electronic storage

Technical (using tools and technology)

  • Gives clear sequenced instructions of several steps, e.g. how to use a photocopier or CD player, or log on or off a computer
  • Expresses opinion regarding the use of technology, e.g. most appropriate use of email, mobile phone, fax, SMS, for particular task
  • Communicates using radio equipment, e.g. report to base on field emergency
  • Listens to sequenced instructions of several steps and performs tasks related to using technology, e.g. to manage files and discs, print documents and use a mouse, complete telephone banking transaction

Systems(interacting in organisations)

  • Attends and participates in a work or community meeting, either listening for specific information or following the flow of ideas and contributing as appropriate
  • Participates in an oral exchange requiring some negotiation, e.g. responds to specific enquiries, complaints, problems with clients or customers
  • Listens to and notes specific information from an announcement such as emergency evacuation procedures

Public(interacting with the wider community)

  • Expresses own opinion about a local issue and elicits the views of others by participating in a casual conversation
  • Listens to, reads or views a persuasive text and discusses the main idea by identifying key features supporting the message being sent, e.g. TV advertisement, public notice, political advertisement, documentary
  • Provides information about services and facilities in own community to new neighbour/to compare with other neighbourhoods

To achieve this level complete the following:

  • communicate how your own skills meet a job criteria
  • tell a narrative story 
  • express opinion respectfully and ask for the opinion of others in discussions

  • create a survey

  • participate in discussion to solve a problem or share an opinion
  • work with a partner to prepare an oral presentation
  • express opinion respectfully and make a suggestion regarding procedure
  • question implications of new procedures respectfully
  • listen to spoken instructions and choose appropriate action

  • give clear sequenced instructions of several steps
  • express opinion respectfully regarding use of technology
  • communicate using radio equipment
  • listens to sequenced instructions of several steps and performs tasks related tousing technology