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ACSF Reading Level 2 Sample Activities


Personal(expressing identity)

  • Reads short, simple factual or fictional texts for personal enjoyment
  • Locates and selects information from a written text presented in hard copy or online, e.g. finding the time and channel of a TV program, reads gym timetable with descriptions of classes, the 7-day forecast on a weather website
  • Reads and locates information in short, simple newspaper articles either online or in hard copy

Cooperative(interacting in groups)

  • Reads key information in a text associated with the functioning of the group, e.g. reads a simple agenda or action list resulting from meeting
  • Extracts information from a list with language and numeracy components, e.g. selects items from a menu for group lunch based on prearranged budget, identifies names and tasks on new work roster

Procedural(performing tasks)

  • Reads a brief message from a fellow worker, e.g. note for shift changeover
  • Matches and cross-references words, symbols, codes and signs contained in work instructions, labels, tags related to own job
  • Reads and compares information contained in 2 column tables, e.g. uses timetable to calculate time of next bus

Technical (using tools and technology)

  • Follows touch screen instructions to search for information, e.g. locates specific shop in large shopping complex
  • Interprets instructions which combine pictorial and written information, e.g. directions on how to operate a piece of machinery safely, uses established log-in routine to access computer-based, internal communication system (intranet)
  • Uses PC icons on the toolbar, e.g. font, underline, bold

Systems(interacting in organisations)

  • Locates specific information from a short text, e.g. a table of employee benefits, a pay slip, employment documentation, own job description, work update from staff memo
  • Reads personally relevant information presented in forms or notices, e.g. notice at the workplace about a fire drill, a class timetable
  • Reads dials and scales on machinery/equipment, e.g. automatic weigher on packaging machine, temperature dials, counters, franking machine, sewing machine tension, air pressure gauge

Public(interacting with the wider community)

  • Expresses opinion about the author’s intention after reading a simple persuasive text, e.g. political slogan, public service advertisement
  • Locates specific information in print/online text, e.g. information about a favourite sports team, community events on council website
  • Reads a public notice, e.g. advising road works to be carried out in local area 

To achieve this level complete the following:

  • read short texts for personal enjoyment
  • locate information from print and online text
  • read and locate information in print and online news articles
  • read information associated with meetings
  • extract information from a list with language and numeracy components, eg. menu and lunch price

  • read announcement from fellow worker
  • match information to own job
  • read and compare information in 2 column tables
  • follow touch screen instructions to locate information
  • interpret instructions with written and pictorial information
  • use icons on computer programs

  • locate information from short work texts
  • read work notices that are relevant to your work
  • read dials and scales on machinery / equipment

  • express your opinion after reading a simple persuasive text
  • locate specific information from print and online texts
  • read a public notice