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ACSF Reading Level 5 Sample Activities


Personal(expressing identity)

  • Critically evaluates information on possible management courses as part of own Performance Appraisal review
  • Critically reviews factual or fictional texts of personal relevance, and responds both personally and critically, commenting on the wider significance of the text

Cooperative(interacting in groups)

  • Reads a text and critically reviews for a particular group or audience, e.g. book club, team meeting
  • Reads a series of complex texts which include commentary or interpretative remarks and discusses how these may relate to work team, e.g. analyses information comparing the impact of the global economy on the cost of producing local product and the implications for sales 

Procedural(performing tasks)

  • Follows a complex flow chart in order to identify and distil relevant information, e.g. tracks source of non-compliance through workplace process
  • Reads a procedural text that is detailed in presentation and content, and describes an unfamiliar procedure, e.g. for operating a complex piece of machinery
  • Reads and evaluates a report from an OHS consultant recommending new safety practices that should be implemented

Technical (using tools and technology)

  • Compares and contrasts technical specifications provided in a number of technical journals in order to recommend purchase or use of a particular system, machine or equipment
  • Reads detailed manual for a new complex machine and highlights key information to be included in operator manual

Systems(interacting in organisations)

  • Reviews relevant national, state and local legislation and/or regulations relevant to job role
  • Identifies, analyses and evaluates information from a wide variety of sources, e.g. undertakes a task analysis in order to design and develop a training program for implementation in the workplace

Public(interacting with the wider community)

  • Identifies potentially misleading information and underlying value system implicit in a complex text, and draws own conclusions, e.g. reads an account of public consultations regarding workplace operation for disposal of noxious product
  • Critically evaluates reports on a matter of public concern and makes recommendations for action, e.g. consultants’ reports on re-zoning of public space