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ACSF Writing Level 1 Sample Activities


Personal(expressing identity)

  • Conveys information by writing a brief and highly contextualised personal message, e.g. writes a brief personal message on a greeting card
  • Fills in personal details section and signs name on a form, e.g. application for leave, payroll authority, to join a social club
  • Writes routine, familiar, workplace-specific vocabulary and abbreviations

Cooperative(interacting in groups)

  • Records key information relevant to group, e.g. names and phone numbers of group members
  • Writes 1 or 2 sentences or notes to summarise a group activity or
  • work process, e.g. notes key words to record personal action resulting from team meeting
  • Writes personal details and signs own name on a club/union membership form or roster

Procedural(performing tasks)

  • Fills in details on a simple form such as application for leave, payroll authority, quality log form
  • Uses a calendar to record personal information
  • Writes contact numbers for personal reference, e.g. immediate supervisor, emergency services

Technical (using tools and technology)

  • Types own personal details into a computer-assisted learning program
  • Receives, opens and replies to email message using short simple text
  • Writes routine, everyday workplace-specific vocabulary and abbreviations, e.g. product names

Systems(interacting in organisations)

  • Writes 1 or 2 sentences to support application, e.g. for a further English class within the same centre, application for leave
  • Completes personal details on a workplace, community or training organisation form, such as authorising direct payment of salary into bank account, writes self-addressed envelope

Public (interacting with the wider community)

  • Uses calendar to record information related to community or public dates, e.g. class term dates, culturally significant celebrations
  • Uses diary to record information from public notices and information sheets, e.g. class times, appointments
  • Uses some common abbreviations, e.g. Mr/Mrs/Ms, am/pm; or symbols, e.g. tick/cross/arrow

To achieve this level
complete the following:

  • write a brief personal message on a greeting card
  • complete an application form
  • create vocabulary list
  • create phone contact list
  • write 2 sentences about a group activity today
  • write what you have to do next in your group
  • complete a club membership form

  • complete a leave form, tax form or log form
  • use a calendar to record personal information
  • write contact details for supervisor and emergency numbers
  • type personal details into online form
  • receive, open and reply to email message
  • update vocabulary list

  • write 2 sentences to apply for leave
  • write a self addressed envelope
  • complete workplace or training form

  • use a calendar to record important term dates, public holidays
  • use a diary to record information
  • use common abbreviations