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ACSF Writing Level 2 Sample Activities


Personal(expressing identity)

  • Writes a paragraph describing country of origin/job history
  • Creates a short report, e.g. describes previous English classes or other training course
  • Accesses and uses a range of computer learning programmes, e.g. Crossword Magic
  • Writes a note of explanation, e.g. explains own absence in a note to teacher/trainer/manager
  • Enters short recount in diary/journal/log book

Cooperative(interacting in groups)

  • Writes a list of tasks to be completed by other members of the group, e.g. roster, action plan
  • Contributes to short report summarising group response, e.g. workplace problem solving group, local community action group
  • Creates list or simple flyer on information to be discussed at a workplace, social or sporting club meeting

Procedural(performing tasks)

  • Prepares brief instructions for group member on familiar process, e.g. favourite recipe
  • Writes a brief message for a fellow worker, e.g. shift changeover note
  • Writes a brief dot-point statement about a process/procedure decided in team meeting 

Technical (using tools and technology)

  • Enters routine data associated with production processes and control procedures into database using familiar software
  • Records simple and routine information using the telephone, e.g. takes a phone message with name, phone number, and a short message, on a form designed for this purpose
  • Creates and responds to SMS texts using accepted presentation

Systems(interacting in organisations)

  • Writes brief systems-related texts using an established format, e.g. a brief shift report, menu, order form, OHS incident on standard workplace form/proforma, product non-conformance
  • Completes a range of forms requiring routine, factual data, e.g. OH&S records, job application, reimbursement form for expenses such as use of vehicle, pick up and delivery dockets
  • Writes brief text expressing an opinion, e.g. for company’s employee suggestion box

Public (interacting with the wider community)

  • Completes forms related to participation in community services/activities, e.g. completes brief local council survey, participates in online competition
  • Writes a short description of item for sale to be placed on staff/community notice board/e-board
  • Writes a paragraph suggesting improvements, e.g. longer class times, improved facilities at the community centre 

To achieve this level complete the following:

  • write a paragraph
  • write a short report
  • access computer literacy programs
  • write a note of explanation
  • write a recount in journal

  • write a list of tasks
  • contribute to group report 
  • create list or flyer about meeting discussion

  • write instructions
  • write brief messages
  • write dot point list about things decided in a meeting

  • enter data into database
  • write information from phone message
  • create and reply to SMS texts for work

  • write simple workplace texts, eg. menu, order form, OHS incident
  • complete forms
  • write brief text expressing opinion, eg: suggestion box

  • complete surveys, online forms
  • write ad for item for sale for notice board
  • write paragraph suggesting improvements