Music Industry Task 8

As a musician, composer or sound engineer it is important to understand, apply and keep up to date with music industry knowledge.

  1. Complete a journal of your music industry knowledge. 
    This could be in the form of:
    • a music journal (below)
    • emails to your trainer
    • web page or blog
    • podcasts (audio of you talking about the music industry)
    • videos of you talking about the music industry
    • a word document
    • a scrapbook
    • other (another way of showing your music industry knowledge)

Use the Internet, libraries and telephone books, magazines and journals, discussions with current industry practitioners, trainers, colleagues and community groups and your own personal observations and experience.

Download the file below for headings to guide your research.

Lou Van Loon,
Mar 31, 2010, 8:54 PM